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Lavish Klass

Anti-Scalding Microwave Cotton Non-Slip Insulation Oven Gloves

Anti-Scalding Microwave Cotton Non-Slip Insulation Oven Gloves

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Oven Mitts: The outer layer of the oven mitt is twill cloth and the inner layer is made of cotton. These oven mitts have good heat resistance to keep your hands from getting burned.
Pocket Pot Holders: One side of the pot holder is twill and the other side is a pocket. You can put your hand into the pocket of the pot holder to hold the hot pot from the stove. It also acts as a hot pad for the hot dishes to prevent kitchen countertops from being damaged by high temperatures.
Hanging Ring: These oven mitts and pot holders with hanging loops, so you can hang them wherever you need them to facilitate daily use and storage.
Multiple Use: Pot holders can be used as pads for hot pots, hot dishes, plates, and hot water cups. And oven mitts are suitable for barbecue, baking, cooking, hot pot, and so on. These insulation pads and insulation gloves can also be given to friends as housewarming gifts.

1. Cotton + silicone double-layer design, longer heat resistance, heat insulation high temperature up to 300 °C, safe and healthy, soft and easy to use.
2. The inner silicone 45° anti-slip texture increases the anti-slip index and does not slip off when grabbed and placed.
3. The inner is soft and thickened cotton, which has a long heat resistance time and protects the hands
4. Meticulous workmanship, fine thread routing, uniform stitches as a whole, no stitching.
5. Comes with handle, can be wall-hung for storage, saving space.
6. After staining, it can be rinsed with clean water, which is convenient for use.

Material: cotton + silicone
Size: 26.5*18CM

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