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Lavish Klass

Steamer Egg Cooke

Steamer Egg Cooke

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  • Rapid Boiling: Fill the measuring cup with water to the desired doneness, press the power button, and within minutes your eggs will be cooked! Note: The hardness of the egg is related to the amount of water you add and the length of time you boil the egg.
  • Easy to Use : Cook up to 7 eggs in soft, medium, or hard boiled firmness, while saving time and water. Eggs come out consistently perfect, shell is extremely easy to peel, and clean up is a cinch!
  • Versatility : Whether pairing with avocado toast or preparing fried eggs for a potluck, our egg cooker is an all-in-one egg boiler, poacher, scrambler, omelet/veggie steamer, and more!
  • Cute and Compact : It looks like a cute little hen, it's very miniature and can be easily stored when you're not using it, it takes up almost no space.
  • Prevent Dry Burning : For the safety of the product, we have added an anti-dry burning feature to the product to avoid incorrect use of the product.

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